Double-Up Bungee - Add to SkimShot for Teenagers and Adults

CAM watersports

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The Double-Up Bungee is the same bungee that comes with the SkimShot.
Double-Up Bungee (SkimShot Bungee Only) by CAM Watersports
Add on to the SkimShot for larger riders.

If the intended rider weighs more than 90 lbs. then you will want to add on this Double-Up Bungee and use it in combination with your SkimShot in one of the 3 Ways To Use listed below. Double your bungee, double your fun, double your distance, and double your speed.  The "Double-Up Bungee" is the same 50 foot 10mm super bungee that comes with the SkimShot - Complete Bungee System for you to double-up your fun.  (This is not standard bungee cord in bulk, only use SkimShot bungees.)  Double the power and double your speed by having them run parallel, or double your distance by connecting them end-to-end, or get a combination of more power, more speed, and more distance by folding the double-up bungee in half and linking the other SkimShot bungee at the mid-point.  The connecting carabiner clip is included so multiple connections and configurations can be made.  See the SkimShot  - Complete Bungee System product page for the SkimShot product details.  Only for use with the SkimShot™ - Complete Bungee System.

If the intended rider is a teenager or adult then you will want to get this Double-Up Bungee to use with your SkimShot™.  Or give the little ones a really long ride with the end-to-end configuration...they will love it.

3 Ways To Use:

  1. Parallel For Double Power - Hook it up running parallel to the other bungee for 100% more pulling power and speed.
  2. End-To-End For More Distance - Link it End-To-End with the other bungee for 100% more length and distance of the ride.
  3. 50/50 For More Speed and More Power - Fold one bungee in half and the other bungee remains straight.  Connect both ends of the Double-Up Bungee to the anchor and then connect the mid-point to the other bungee for 50% more power and 50% more length. This is the best of both worlds, more distance and more speed.

If you use multiple Double-Up Bungees with your SkimShot™ you can create unlimited configurations to customize the pulling power, speed, length, and distance of the ride specifically for you based on your size, strength, and skill level.

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Watch the videos for how to remove and attach a SkimShot handle:



You can add multiple bungees and/or multiple sets together to accommodate different weights of different riders with these Setup Configurations.  See chart below:

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