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Our specially designed super bungee is like no other bungee you have ever seen. You have to see it and feel it to really understand how different it is from a standard bungee cord. The stretching capacity is intense, it feels like it could stretch for miles, and the heavy duty strength can handle years of use.  The length you can stretch it depends on your weight, strength, and balance.  Most kids can stretch it over 100 feet, it all depends on their size and strength .  The extra thick 10mm super bungee uses new technology making our bungee cord virtually unbreakable and indestructible. (This is not just standard bungee cord in bulk, only use SkimShot bungees.)  It can also withstand the outdoor extreme elements and even has a special woven outer covering with UV protection. The anchors are also specifically designed for this product (do not use any other anchor), whether you are anchoring on the beach or in the grass, you can rest assured the anchor will not come loose. They are easy to screw into the ground, and once down they become a very solid anchor point, but then when finished they will come right up by unscrewing them. Also the anchors are made from a high-grade steel so they will never bend and never break.

What's Included:

  • 50 feet of our specially designed high-strength 10mm super bungee (50 feet in its natural compressed state before being stretched)
  • Floating Grip Ski Rope Handle
  • Large Diameter Steel Beach Plate Anchor
  • Heavy Duty Steel Grass / Dirt Spiral Anchor 
  • Turning Rod (used for leverage to screw the anchors into the ground)
  • Heavy Duty Steel Carabiner Clip
  • Waterproof Duffle Bag with Shoulder Strap

    (Skimboards are sold separately)

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    Take skimboarding to a whole new level, go 10x farther and faster, and learn new tricks in a safe controlled environment. Improve skills and have fun.  Get creative and use with a body board, paddle board, inner-tube, or even a raft. The fun ways you can use it are endless. Some are even using it with Slip'n Slides and plastic tarps in their backyard.

    Where can you use the SkimShot™: (pretty much anywhere there is water)

    • At the Beach
    • On a Puddle
    • Plastic Sheet
    • Lake Shore
    • Creek Bed
    • River Side

    Fun for kids & adults - Fun for all ages, and any skill level.  It is recommended that the rider pulls back the bungee themselves to where they feel comfortable holding the tension. You will see the more experience they get, the farther they will feel comfortable stretching the bungee. Then the farther they pull back the bungee, the farther and faster their ride will be. The more you use the SkimShot™ the more fun it becomes, the more ways it can be used, and the more tricks that can be done. It's easy to learn, and it's easy to master. No matter what skill level you are at, you will have a blast with the SkimShot™.

    The single bungee that comes with the SkimShot is for riders weighing up to 90 lbs. Add on another SkimShot or the Double-Up Bungee for riders weighing more than 90 lbs. See the Double-Up Bungee product page for more details. (also see chart below)

    Add another SkimShot or the Double-Up Bungee for larger riders:

    If the intended rider is a teenager or adult then we recommend adding on another SkimShot or the Double-Up Bungee for the extra power needed for larger people. See the Double-Up Bungee product page for additional details.

    You can add multiple bungees and/or multiple sets together to accommodate different weights of different riders with these Setup Configurations.  See chart below:

    Our Skimboards now come with everything you need for these Setup Configurations.  See Skimboards Page for details on these package deals.

    (skimboards sold separately)


    See how it was used on a rain puddle here: (this was only their second time using it and look how good they are already and how much fun they are having)

    Watch how to set the beach anchor here: (it's super easy to set up anywhere)

    SkimShot on Reddington Beach here: 

    (Skimboards sold separately)


    Ships from Illinois the same day or next day.



    Click Here To Get A SkimShot with a Skimboard

    *Patents Pending* 

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