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Free SkimShot offer only valid while SkimShots are available.

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We have three types of skimboards, Soft Top, Inflatable, and Fiberglass.

Our Soft Top and Inflatable Skimboards are available in two packages, riders up to 90 pounds and riders up to 120 pounds. Both the Soft Top and Inflatable Skimboards can also be used as a body board. (boogie board)

Our fiberglass skimboards come in three sizes: 44", 48", and 52".  Our 44" fiberglass skimboards are for riders weighing up to 90 pounds, our 48" fiberglass skimboards are for riders weighing up to 120 pounds, and our 52" fiberglass skimboards are for riders weighing up to 200 pounds.

Fiberglass Combo Kits are Back

(Only available while SkimShots are still available.)

Everything you need for each weight range.

0 - 90 pounds:  44" Skimboard Combo Kit

90 - 120 pounds:  48" Skimboard Combo Kit

120 - 200 pounds:  52" Skimboard Combo Kit

(smaller kids can use larger setups)

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