Island Otter Solar Power - Optional Add-On Solar Panel

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  • $89.95
  • Save $30


Run your Island Otter all day with this optional Solar Panel.

*Island Otter Beach Pump Sold Separately*

As long as the sun is shining the water will be flowing.  Add-On this specially designed portable solar panel to keep the fun flowing all day long.  Simply connect one end of the included 30 foot wire to your Island Otter Beach Pump, then connect the other end to the solar panel, and point the solar panel at the sun.


Foldable Portable Solar Panel

30 foot connecting wire


Run your Island Otter all day.

Also has USB ports for charging your phone. 


Main Output:  12V (40 watts)

USB Output:  5V


The Island Otter Beach Pump battery last about 2 hours per charge, but now if you want to run your Island Otter longer you can add-on this Solar Panel.


Dimensions Folded:  14" x 16" x 1"  (inches)

Dimensions Open:  32" x 16" x 1"  (inches)

Total Weight (including the wire):  4 pounds


The solar panel will not charge the Island Otter Battery.  The Island Otter Battery is a highly specialized battery that can only be charged with the A/C outlet charger.  No battery power will be consumed while using the solar panel.



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