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Island Otter Puddle & Sand Toy Bag

CAM watersports

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Give your little ones a close safe place to play right by your side.  The Island Otter Puddle is the perfect addition to your Island Otter Beach Pump for even more ways to have fun at the beach (or any body of water).  And when you're done for the day simply pull the draw-string to bag up all your sand toys.

Puddle Diameter: 58 inches

Create your own play puddle

Also a draw-string storage bag



*Island Otter Beach Pump sold separately*


Small Children Pool Safety

Children, especially children under 5 years, are at a high risk of drowning, even in shallow water, and should be closely supervised at all times when in or near this puddle.

Do not leave children unsupervised in or around this puddle.  Keep them within arms reach at all times.

Diving or jumping into the puddle can result in a broken neck, paralysis, permanent injury or death.

Empty any water out of the puddle to prevent access when not in use.

Never place the puddle on another body of water or too close to breaking waves near the shoreline.

Never leave the puddle unsupervised by and adult.  The puddle may attract other unsupervised children.


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