CAM Fiber 48" Fiberglass Skimboard with FREE SkimShot™ & Double-Up Bungee

CAM watersports

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We will make more and have them ready in November for the Christmas season.


Get a SkimShot™ & the Double-Up Bungee FREE with any 48" skimboard




Expertly crafted CAM Fiber 48 inch Super Lightweight Fiberglass Skimboard.

And FREE SkimShot™ - see SkimShot™ product page for product details.

PLUS the Double-Up Bungee - see Double-Up Bungee product page for details.

Buoyancy and Science at its best for you to glide across the water effortlessly.  Our unique materials, handcrafting process, and shape come together to create water vortices under the skimboard.  These are tiny masses of swirling water to keep you afloat longer and farther than ever before. This happens when the board squeezes the water downward, but the ground squeezes it back upward. The extra buoyancy of these skimboards and the vortices of water prevent the board from sinking. This creates a skimming effect unlike any you have ever experienced.

Our skimboards come in three sizes: 44", 48", and 63".  Our 44" skimboards are for riders weighing up to 90 pounds, our 48" skimboards are for riders weighing up to 120 pounds, and our 63" skimboards are for riders weighing up to 200 pounds.

Five skimboard color designs to choose from.

These skimboards are very light weight, and have great float, which keeps them on top of the water for extra long rides when doing flatland skimming.  Also great for use with the SkimShot™.

Skimboard Dimensions = 48" x 20.5" x 0.5"

The lightest you will find anywhere.  Other companies won't tell you their weight since they are usually much heaver due to the cheaper materials they use.  Our special composite CAM Fiber materials are super light weight and super strong, and that's what makes ours the best.

Weight = 4.6 pounds 

Traction Pads Sold Separately.

Free SkimShot available with each remaining skimboard.


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