CAM Watersports Skimboard Bag

CAM Watersports

  • $79.95
  • Save $20

These skimboard bags are built to last with a heavy-duty anti-rip exterior that won't fade in the sun.  The inside has several layers of a sophisticated lightweight insulation that will protect your skimboard from extreme temperatures and even allow you to leave it out in full sun.  And the best part is the non-stick interior lining that prevents the wax on your board from sticking to the inside of the bag...No more "peeling" your board out of your bag!  There's even an extra pocket to put your wax.

For use with skimboards up to 50" in length.  Can protect and carry up to three skimboards.

  • Anti-Rip Exterior
  • Won't Fade In The Sun
  • Lightweight Insulation
  • Non-Stick Interior
  • Wax Pocket
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Carry Handle

Overall Dimension:  51 inches long x 24 inches wide

(The new 63" skimboards do not fit in these bags.)


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